• Digitize and manage land records.
    Simplify the land administration process and increase turnaround time
  • Reduce the number of touch points public and private clients interact with in the process
  • Paper to computers
  • Better manage transactions and increase transparency
  • Integrated with Cadastre to provide a complete cadastre solution


3D mapping based on Imagery and Point Clouds, Oblique, UAS, Terrestrial or Indoor Mapping.


GPS doesn’t work indoors, it requires a line of sight to at least three satellites to function.

But it isn’t just indoors that is out of bounds to GPS based systems. Forests prove difficult, as tree canopies block the line of sight to the sky. Similarly, urban canyons and tall buildings block signals in built up environments too.


We can acquire 3D data up to 10 times faster, anywhere saving time and money. Within minutes we can build a highly accurate 3D model of any indoor, underground or difficult to access environment.

We use visual sensors (such as camera imagery), or non-visible data sources (such as Sonar or Lidar) and basic positional data, using an IMU (inertial measurement unit). A special device utilizes this information to compute a ‘best estimate’ of where it is within the environment


Indoor mapping data is collected, with imagery either panoramic or planar, with or without a point cloud, we do, indoor Mapping, with an easy-to-use procedure to import processed indoor imagery and point cloud data.

We manage clearly all single runs and bundle into manageable projects. Clean up artefacts, control positional accuracy, consolidate and deliver